Facts and Questions: Desktop Configuration Tips

If you need help with your computer - adjusting your desktop photos and text size - you don't have to call an expert or mortgage you house. You've come to the right place for free answers!

These wallpapers are for PC and Apple computers, using Windows XP, Vista, 7, Mac etc.

What is my screen resolution?

Which resolution wallpaper size should you choose? Your screen resolution is contingent on the size of your monitor and if you have not previously changed this resolution. It should be set to what is called native resolution for best results. See below about "native resolution." To determine your current resolution:

On Windows operating system

  • Click Start > Control Panel (Settings for Windows 2000) > Display > Settings Tab > Adjust Screen Resolution slider
  • Easier Way! Right-click empty space on your desktop > select properties (desktop properties) > Settings Tab > Adjust Screen Resolution slider
  • Or... look below for your current resolution

Your current resolution is:

On a Mac

First we should state the obvious: Most Mac people do not need assistance, this is a fact. HOWEVER, having admitted the previous statement as a life long pc user and having repaired many of them, I must also disclose there are some Mac users that do need assistance - such as the newbies, as I once was!

  • Click the Apple menu at the top of your desktop > System Preferences > Displays > view resolution
  • Or... look above for your current resolution

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What is Native Resolution and why should I care?

LCD or Plasma monitors are listed with a "native resolution" according to the size of the screen. A resolution number tells you how many vertical and horizontal pixels are available to display your images or text. If your screen's native resolution is 1280x1024 and you decide to change that (because the text is too small - see How to increase text size to fix this problem) resolution to something smaller, like 1024x786, this forces fewer pixels to do the work of displaying images on your screen, thus images are stretched and text is blurry.


How do I know what my native resolution is?

The native resolution is the maximum resolution the LCD monitor will display. See What is my screen resolution to see the highest numbers available in your resolution list.


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Why is my text so small in "native"?

"But if I have a large 'native' screen the text is too small!" That is true for many people and monitors. And though it is tempting to change that resolution, resist the urge, and instead increase the text or font size. Here's how:


  • Click Start > Control Panel > Display > Appearance > Font Size.
  • Easier Way! Right-click empty space on your desktop > select desktop properties


  • Open Finder
  • Click View > Show View Options
  • View Options Utility opens > Select Text size

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How do I increase text size in browser windows?

"Okay, the text on my documents is a nice size now, but it didn't help with the text when I'm surfing the internet."
Web sites, such as Free-naturewallpaper.com, do not use what is referred to as an absolute/fixed size. Here and on many up to date web sites, the text (and the content frame) can easily be enlarged. Here's how to do it:


IE5-6 - first we'll see if style sheets is disabled already...

  • Have your browser window open, click View from the menu bar at the top
  • Select Text Size and select an option (Largest, Larger, Medium....)
  • If the Text Size is not available do the following
  • on the menu bar at the top select Tools > Internet Options,
  • Select General tab and click Accessibility
  • See that all three checkboxes under Formatting are checked
  • Click Ok and then click refresh
  • Repeat steps from the View menu

IE 7 or later

  • Have your browser window open, click View from the menu Bar at the top
  • Select Text Size and select an option

Firefox 1.0 on a pc - temporary increase

  • Select View from Menu Bar > Text Size > Increase or Decrease

Firefox 1.0 - Permanent font increase

  • From Menu Bar, select Tools > Options
  • Click General, click Fonts & Colors

*Short cut for windows is generally Ctrl++

Mac OS

Firefox- is the same as above on a pc

Safari 1.2 or later

  • From the Menu Bar select Safari > Preferences
  • Click Appearance, and set your Standard font size
  • Opera - this trick will actually zoom in on the web page
  • click View > Zoom and increase the percentage

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*Short cut - the short cut for the above browsers is Command+

For more information on text/font size and style sheets check out the Web Accessibility Initiative visit: http://www.w3.org/WAI/changedesign.html

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